An extensive array of handles and accessories designed for sliding doors will transform the design into a functional and streamlined composition.

Spacer Bars

The spacers we offer are made of a material that allows for the elimination of thermal bridges.

Muntin Bars

We offer inside-glass muntins, glued on the glass, and the so-called duplex.

Air Inlets

In the offer you can find pressure air inlets for use in PVC windows, available also with manual adjustment.

Window Covers

We offer sets of window covers in a wide range of colors. The great variety allows to create consistent and detailed structures.

Window Sills

We offer a wide selection of external and internal window sills.

Pull Handles

Pull handles are an irreplaceable complement to balcony windows. The innovative shapes and forms ensure an unnoticeable mounting system.


We offer modern, aluminum window handles with an impressive, square shape, as well as simple, functional, equipped with a key.