Durable profiles crafted from three or four layers of wood, ensuring longevity, feature a meticulous application of four layers of varnish coatings. Wooden windows cater to individuals seeking top-tier solutions with a superb aesthetic while prioritizing environmental considerations. The utilization of natural raw materials in crafting wooden windows results in outstanding thermal and acoustic performance, leaving a minimal carbon footprint. With a timeless design and a diverse range of wood species, these ecological solutions seamlessly integrate into a myriad of projects.

Naturo 68

  • profile with a construction depth of 68 mm
  • glazing with glass units up to 32 mm

Available colors

Naturo 75 ALU

  • construction depth: 75 mm
  • glazing with glass units up to 50 mm

Naturo 80

  • installation depth 80 mm
  • glazing with packages from 34 to 45 mm

Naturo 92

  • installation depth 92 mm
  • glazing in packages from 48 to 57 mm

Esperia Life 74 ALU

  • construction depth: 74 mm
  • glazing with glass units up to 48 mm

Esperia Life 80

  • construction depth: 80 mm
  • glazing with glass units up to 48 mm