Durable profiles, composed of three or four layers of wood and fortified by four layers of varnish coatings, ensure prolonged usability. Wooden windows are an ideal choice for individuals seeking top-quality solutions that combine aesthetic excellence with a commitment to ecological responsibility. Utilizing natural raw materials in the production process enables the attainment of superior thermal and acoustic parameters, with only a minimal carbon footprint. The timeless design and diverse range of wood species not only uphold ecological principles but also offer versatile solutions applicable to a wide array of projects.

WoodLine Panels

Available variants

The WoodLine collection was created for those who prefer modern and practical solutions based on traditional materials. Only high-quality varnishes make the door resistant to external conditions and easy to maintain.

EkoVitre Glass Panels

EkoVitre is not only about style, but also safety and high energy efficiency. The panels are made of two glass panes of VSG, one of which has sand-blasted patterns.

Wooden Doors

Crafted for individuals who appreciate modern and practical design rooted in traditional materials, this collection merges modern practicality with wood, featuring high-quality varnishes for durability and easy maintenance.